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The transition to the new Shoretel Voicemail system has been completed as of June 7, 2014 for all campus voice mail users. You may log into your voicemail by dialing 7-7100 or 7-MAIL(6245). If you need to access the old Call Pilot voicemail system you can do so by dialing 7-2807. The old voicemail system will remain active for several months.

For information on setting up your Shoretel voicemail please go to:

Shoretel Phone System Information

The Shoretel phone system is a Voice over IP (VoIP) system. You can interact with your new Shoretel VoIP phone using an installable client application (Windows and Mac) or via the Shoretel web interface. Both options allow you to set options, see call logs, listen and manage voicemail messages and much more.

The guides below should answer most questions regarding your new phone. If you still need assistance you can email:

Shortel Voicemail

To access your voicemail dial 607-777-7100 or 607-777-MAIL(6245). You can find more information on using the new Shoretel voicemail system in the ShoreTel Voicemail Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Shortel Communicator Client

Shortel Communicator Setup Instructions (Windows)
Shortel Communicator Client Installer (Windows)


Shortel Communicator Setup Instructions (Mac)
Shortel Communicator Client Installer (Mac)

If you do not have a Binghamton University PODS account you will be provided with login credentials for the Shoretel Communicator when your Shoretel VoIP phone is installed. Refer to this document for instructions on setting up the Shoretel Communicator with the credentials provided: Shortel Communicator Setup Instructions (Non-PODS)

Shoretel Communicator Web Interface

The Web Interface can be used instead of the installed client. To connect to the web interface go to:

Note: Although the web site address is not https:// your login is still secure. The Shoretel vendor software does not work with standard https:// (SSL) requests. ITS has configured the communication on the web server to use NTLM. Your username is sent as plain text, however your password is encrypted.

Shoretel Communicator for Mobile Devices

You can install the Shoretel Communicator on your mobile Apple/iOS, Android, or Blackberry device. For more information and to install the app go to: Note: Mobile client requires the purchase of an additional license. See page for additional information.

Shoretel Reference Information
Shoretel Reference Videos

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